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Private Commissions: Closed

Next opening: March 3, 2022

Terms of Service

Below are my terms of service for private commissions only. These are illustrations intended for personal use- they may not be reproduced, resold for profit, or used for any other advertisement purposes. For commercial illustration involving the acquisition of usage rights, contact me at


What I Will and Will Not Draw

YES: Nudity and NSFW// body horror and gore // anthros and animals // tech and mecha

NO: nudity/NSFW with minors

Sketch Commissions

These are a little different from my finished monochrome or color commissions:

  1. I will not send you previews or roughs- only the finished sketch. 

  2. You can request 1 round of edits on the final drawing!

Sketches and Revisions

My monochrome and color commissions have a couple of steps towards completion- your feedback is important so that I know I'm going in the right direction with your art! Here is how I like to work:


  1. I will send you 1 sketch for your approval. You can request 1 series of edits that I will meet, free of charge.

  2. At the completion of the final work, you can request 1 final series of edits that I will again meet free of charge.

  3. I ask for an additional fee, negotiated separately, for more edits or major changes to the final commission. This fee will also apply if you want a complete re-do/you'd like me to make a different sketch.



All Payments must be made through Paypal. I will send an invoice to you after we have agreed to move forward with the commission.


  1. All commissions must be paid upfront.

  2. My commissions are digital products- I do not handle printing. When I've completed your commission, I'll send you an email with a google drive link, where you can download your piece as a hi-res JPEG and PSD.

Cancelling and Refunds


  1. I will refund you 100% if you choose to cancel before I've started working on your commission.

  2. For monochrome and color commissions, I will refund you 50% of the fee if you cancel after I’ve already made the sketch.

  3. For sketch, monochrome, and color commissions, I will not refund you after the commission has been completed.

  4. If I need to cancel your commission for any reason, I will refund you 100%, regardless of how much I've already completed.

Your Usage Rights

You have the following permissions with your finished commission:


  1. Freely post the commission on your websites and social media, or use a cropped version as an icon, banner, forum signature, wallpaper, etc. I only ask that you credit me!  

  2. I will provide you a print quality 300 dpi digital file of the completed commission, which you're free to print for personal use.

  3. You may NOT solicit the commission as your own work

  4. I do not deal in NFTs. You may NOT use your commission for NFTs.

My Reservation of Rights

I retain all rights for the image that I have not expressly granted above. You may not reproduce, repost, or resell the image commercially.


  1. I retain the copyright of the produced image, including sketches. I reserve the right to use the image in my portfolio, as well as the right to share it online on social media.

  2. I reserve the right to refuse any commission request.



I do not provide a print service for commissions. However, If you'd like to get a print of your commission, I can suggest Printkeg; they do single runs for posters/prints!



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