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"In Burke and Hare’s partnership, there can be no doubt at at all that any inventive or artful qualities were down to Mr Burke. But their names remain inseparable in art, like those of Beaumont and Fletcher. They lived together, worked together, and were caught together."

"The stranger would climb the six floors of Mr Hare’s garret. They would give him the sofa and offer him Scotch whisky to drink. Mr Burke would ask him about the most surprising events of his life. There was no listener more insatiable than Mr Burke. The stranger’s story was always interrupted before daybreak by Mr Hare."

"Then they would leave the body to cool in Mr Burke's great chest- providing Dr Knox with a corpse, fresh and in good order."

"In this way Messers Burk and Hare finished a great number of tales the world will never know"

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